Not Waistcoat Wednesday

It has been a long time (veeeeery long) since I last did a Waistcoat Wednesday so this week I thought I would amend that. However, I started researching with my favourite current crush and got somewhat…distracted. So it turned into Wet Shirt Wednesday.

Then yesterday I got distracted by a gazillion other things and totally missed posting altogether.

So, then I thought it could be Wet T Thursday, but they are not all in T-shirts. Then I thought Wet Top Thursday, but that really doesn’t scan. Wet Top Tuesday sounds much better. Then I thought you have a folder full of pretty boys in wet tops so shut the fuck up and post them already.
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Straight Edge

My inability to write is sadly still on going, but before it hit I had started work on a prequel to my BLT series with Connor and Lester. Because I have no concept of writing in a linear way, I have bits and pieces from all over the place. When I told fredbassett and lukadreaming that I had one complete chapter from somewhere in the middle I was gently ordered to post it. So here it is. All you need to know is that Lester and Connor have had a bit of an argument and Lester has some making up to do.

Title: Straight Edge - a chapter from Blue Rose
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Lester/Connor
Rating: PG
AN: Not betad. Sorry.

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Gif begging

Does anyone love me enough to make a captioned gif for me? I feel I need the "it's kicking off, Pru" from Armstrong and Miller. Not as an icon, but more of an everyday gif to take the monotony of cock-ups at work.

If anyone does love me enough, around 1.10 here or 2.10 here might be helpful.

Even if you don't love me, watch the vids; they're very funny. 


So I decided to commit to posting at least once a week and I posted last Monday so I should do again todau. haven't got anything ready and I'm on a new laptop so I don't have all my old files yet to yonk anything so...ummmm....

I have a couple of bits that I am working on, though, honest.

But...ummm...yeah... nowt. But to the people who I asked to kick me if I didn't post, this totally counts!!!!

Hope Monday is treating you all well!!

Hello! And a random thing!

I have decided that I am going to get back into the habit of posting here regularly, so I have made a vow to post once a week, minimum. I make no promises about quality! Putting words together is still really hard, so it's practice, practice, practice...

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Canada tips wanted!! Plus Central Canada Comic Con question

Hello again, this is bordering dangerously on regular posting...

Anyhoo, I am after something this time. I am going to Canada for a couple of weeks at the end of October and I am wondering what are some of the must dos, must sees, and frankly, the must eats. And drinks

I have a couple of days in Vancouver and a couple in Toronto, but a fairly small budget, so all suggestions are welcome!!

Also, I am going to Central Canada Comic Con while I am there and I wondered if any of my LJ buds were going?

Missed you

Hi LJ buddies *waves*

Wow it has been a long time again. I miss you all.

I don't really have much to say, other than this is another attmempt to get posting and interacting more often.

Hope all in LJ land are well.