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Primeval master fic list

Primeval master fic list

While I generally follow canon, unless specified, as far as plot etc goes, the same cannot be said for pairings, where pretty much anything goes. Lester/Connor is my main pairing though.

BLT series: This is my Lester/Becker/Connor verse. The fics are listed in rough timeline order rather than posting order.

Cognac and Kisses - Lester/Connor only

MySun Rises and Sets With You (20 part series)


Let Me Go

Lester, James Lester - Plot fic inc Ditzy and OC

Pumpkin Punishment

Welcome Home

Family Emergency

Teflon - includes Ditzy


You're Back Then

Other series fics:

Battle of the Pinstripes - Pinstripe Detene - Ianto, Lester  TW/Primeval crossover

Girls - Stephen/Ryan

Something to Talk About - Connor, Ianto, team, Torchwood/Primeval crossover written with emyrldlady

The Good Wife series - Connor/Lester

Learn Your Place - Becker/Ryan/Lester

Morphine and The World Keeps Spinning - Lester/Stephen

One shots:

137 - Lester, Leek

94 Minutes - Lester, Connor, Abby, Season 4 team

A Dish Best Served Cold - Christine, Lester

A Little Lightshow - Connor, Abby, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper (Torchwood crossover)

A Primeval Christmas Carol - Lester, Nick, Stephen, Leek, Ryan, Connor, Abby, Danny, Sarah

All For You - Connor, Abby, Becker, Matt, Jess, Lester, Nick, Stephen, Ryan, Claudia

Animal Instincts - Lester, Monty

Bag of Secrets - Abby, Jess

Beating Heart - Lester/Connor

Breaking Temple - Connor, Philip Burton - Please read warnings!

Breath in the Air - Connor

Do's and Don'ts - Lester/Connor

Drawing the Short Straw - Becker/Connor, Ditzy

Dust to Dust - Ryan

15 Seconds - Connor, Nick

Getting Lost - Connor/Lester

Hair and Hands - Lester/Connor

Han Solo Is Not An Appropriate Role Model - Nick, Connor

Helping - Lester/Connor

Heroes - Connor/Becker

Hiding in the Light - Connor

Home For the Weekend - Lester, Mrs Lester

I Am This - Connor

Knowing - Connor, Nick, team

Losing The Bet - Abby/Connor, Abby/Connor/Becker, Ryan

Missing the Obvious - Abby/Connor

Perfect - Lester Crossover with Doctor Who

Private Line - Lester/Connor

Second Thoughts - Connor with mentions of Abby, Caroline and Nick

Seeing Stars - Lester/Connor

Snuggly ficlets - Becker/Ryan, Fee/Jess, Connor/Lester

So Much Space - Ryan/?

Spirit Walls - Lester

Staying Out to Play - Stephen/Ryan

Stray Shoes and Coffee Machines - Lester/Connor, mentions of the team

The Fool - Connor, Stephen

The Beaver Incident - Lester/Ryan

The Eyes Have It - Patrick

This, Just This - Connor and Abby

Time for Pudding - Lester/Connor

Tried and Tested - Becker/Lester

When Your Secret Weapon is a Grumpy Man With a Briefcase - Lester, team

The Porns: - I suggest you read the warnings on individual fics.

A Long Time Coming - Connor/Danny

Ad-dressing the Issue - Stephen/Ryan

All In the Mind - Stephen/cannon characters

All Night Long - Lester/Danny

An Excuse to Shop - Lester/Connor

Asking For It - Connor/Becker

Biker Boys - Danny/Connor

Breakfast in Bed – Lester/Connor

Breathe - M/M

Comment Porn - Lester/Ryan

Confusion Rains - Connor/Lester

Daddy's Boy - Matt/Becker

For Once They Had Time - Abby/Stephen

Forgive Me - Stephen/Ryan

Girls - Stephen/Ryan

Giving It - Connor/Becker

Girls - Stephen/Ryan (series fic)

Guns Go Bang - Becker/Ianto - Torchwood crossover

Happy Birthday - Stephen/Ryan

Home James - Connor/Lester

In Bad Taste - Stephen/Ryan, team

Laced Up - Becker/Ryan

Learn to Like It - Connor/Becker/EMD

Morning Sweetie - Stephen/Ryan

Mud, Glorous Mud – Lester/Connor

My World Is You - Lester/Connor

New Boy - Becker/ SF boys

Night Watchman - Jenny/Sarah, Becker

Oil and Water – Lester/Connor

Practical Demonstration - Connor/Stephen

Presents in Pretty Packaging - Lester/Ryan/Lyle

Private Line in Public - Lester/Connor

Promises on Angel Wings - Ryan/Connor

Quiet Please - Lester/Ryan

Reward and Punishment - Lester/Becker

Saved - Lester/Connor

Say Please - Lester/Becker

Something to Say - Cutter/Becker

Tasty - Lester/Connor

Tackle - Becker/Connor

The Punishment - Lester/Connor

Tied - Stephen/Ryan

Under Duress - Becker/Lester

Unrepentant - Ryan/Connor

What Matters When - Lester/Ryan

Who Is That Masked Man - Becker/??

You Can Do Anything For Me - Ryan/Lester

Comment Pornz - various

Drabbles: (Some are explicit, check ratings)

An Ordinary Man - Patrick and Ethan

An Unusual Kind of Death - Becker, Connor, Lester, Danny, Abby

AKA - Lester, Ryan, Stephen, Connor, Lorraine

At Times Like These - Connor

Bargaining - Lester, Becker

Battle Cry - Becker

Battle Scars - Stephen/Ryan

Belonging - Connor, Nick, Stephen

Bird's Eye View - Lester, Jenny

Boredom Relief - Connor/Lester

Caught Between Spaces - Becker

Caution - Lester, team

Change of Job Description - Lester

Cold Blood - Lester

Cold Blooded - Rex, Connor, Abby hints of Connor/Abby

Coming Home - Lester/Connor

Consolation - Connor

Deviation From the Norm - Lester/Connor

Don't Give Me Chocolates or Flowers - Connor/Lester

Different Sky - Lester/Connor

Distraction Techniques - Becker/Lester

Education - Connor, Lester

Every Time - Connor/Lester

Excuses, Excuses - Stephen/Ryan

Extinction - Sid/Nancy, Lester, Connor

Final Straw - Connor/Lester

First Aid - Ryan/Stephen/Connor

Five Senses - Becker/?

Garlands and Baubles - Connor, Abby, Ryan, Stephen

Grateful - Lester/Connor

Gruntled - Connor/Stephen

Guilty  Pleasures - Lester/Connor

Happily Ever After - Lester

He Is - Lester, Connor(Lester), Abby, Becker

Headaches - Lester

Heat of Another - Lester/Connor

Hiding - Lester/Connor

Home Office - Lester/Connor

Human Nature - Connor

I Am - Lester

Inner Warmth - Connor/Abby

Insert Own Stallion Related Pun Here - Nick/Stephen, Claudia

Insubordination - Lester, team

Interruptions - Lester

Irrational - Becker

It Started As Such A Good Day - Lester, team

It's A Revolution - Leaster/Connor

Long Distance - Connor/Lester

Making It Up - Connor/Lester

Making Yourself Heard - Lester/Stephen

Medicine Man - Connor/Lester

Mind Games - Lester/Connor

More Than...Unexpected - Lester, Becker

Names - Connor, Jenny, Lester

Never Admit It - Lester, Jess

No Illusions - Connor

No Need to Be Rude - Connor, Lester

No Regrets - Connor, Lester

Not Easy - Lester/Connor

Not Looking Down - Becker, Lyle

Obsession - Connor

Oh. - Connor

Once Upon a Time - Connor, Abby

Onto Decaff - Connor, Nick

Ooops - Lester, Connor

Powerless - Lester/(Connor), Jenny

Protesting Too Much - Lester/Connor

Quiet Please - Lester/Ryan

Roads Not Taken - Connor/Lester

Save Me - Lester/Connor

Save Me Again - Lester/Connor

Save Me Now - Lester/Connor

Save One - Nick/Claudia

Shattered - Connor/Ryan

Silence - Seven drabbles telling one Lester/Becker story.

Simple Love - Connor

Ski Geek - Connor, Ryan

Sleepless Nights - Connor/Lester

The Crime... - Lester/Connor

There Are So Many Things to be Rescued From - Connor/Lester, Nick

These Strange Sounds - Connor, Stephen

Three Little Words - Connor/Lester

Three Little Words - Becker/Connor

Three Words - Connor, Nick

To The Letter - Becker, Lester

Trophy Boyfriend - Stephen/Ryan

Tuned In - Connoer, Lester

Turning Off - Connor, Becker, Team

Waking In the Sun - Connor/Becker

Wanting to Play - Becker, Lester

We'll Take A Cup o'Kidness Yet - Lester/Connor

You Spin Me Round - Connor/Lester

Selection of drabbles for Primeval 100 here, here, here , here and here. Various pairings of Connor, Lester, Nick, Jenny, Claudia, Becker, Ryan, Stephen. A lot of Becker actually!

And a second two batches here and here.

Silly racoon world crack drabbles

Not fic, but Primeval boy picspam




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