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Ramblings of a madwoman

Come over to the dark side; it's pretty here.

31 October
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Releasing my inner geek on the world! I love Torchwood, Doctor Who, Being Human, Red Dwarf, Primeval; basically great British fantasy/sci fi. Also loving Leverage, Criminal Minds etc. Am starting to get a bit more computer geeky too, hence trying my hand at this journal thing!!

Also call myself a writer. I haven't had anything published, but I am writing my first novel at the moment. My philosophy is that if I sit in front of my computer, or my notepad and I write, then I am a writer. This is what encourages me to keep going when things get tough. And I know they are going to get tougher. It's also me taking myself and my writing seriously for the first time.

This journal was meant to be primarily an outlet for me as I struggle my way through my first draft, but fanfic is far too addictive, so there is now far more of that on here than orig fic. I need whumping to write more original stuff.

Anyhoo, along the way I have managed to get myself a couple of banners. Look, here they are:

Made by sara_merry99

Banner created by lsellersfic with icons by zetaori and kerry_louise

Banner created by lsellersfic with icons by lsellersfic and eriah211

From primeval100

From primeval100

Banner and icons by lsellersfic

Sorry, can't remember the maker's name, but it wasn't me...

Icon by xennie_b

And this is the gorgeous header that was made for me for my Primeval series by lsellersfic

And this, I have been saying for years, then saw it as a headline in my local paper. Win.

My mood theme put together myself mix and matching images from:

Misfits, Sherlock, Primeval, Criminal Minds, Being Human and Doctor who = kohler,

Torchwood from cowboyhd, ninurta, telltale and theharkness.